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There is no better way to make yourself feel better immediately, than to actually help someone else. When one person helps another, there is an intimate moment of appreciation, even if not spoken aloud. Each person knows it. It can make us feel so much better, that we find ourselves literally thanking those who we have helped. Be thankful for those who have helped you, and be thankful for the opportunity to help others.

"I would tell you exactly how much I owe, but I'm afraid my mother will find out. She recently had a cardiac quadruple bypass and I'm afraid the it could kill her to know," ~ Richard Smalley, student.

TechSelfHelp Student fund is spent on existing college student debt. All money collected here will be spent on students. Even when we don't have any college student debt left, all overage and continued donations will be spent supporting other kinds of students including the Boy Scouts (BSA) and Girl Scouts (GSUSA) (two of my favorite organizations). Scouting is dedicated to teaching values, stewardship, and leadership for those who will serve and lead tomorrow.

The moment you complete you contribution submission, you will know with confidence that love is in your commitment to help and support others. To love is your choice, it doesn't depend upon the choices or understanding of others. I've already made up my mind, I'm going to love you anyway!

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