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Technical Support Service Options:
Computer & Internet 24/7
for private individual consumers or commercial enterprises.

Check your options:

Call back with remote access fixes, here or click phone above.
Warning: We can't call back if you check "keep number private." Leave detailed message: phone#, problem, best days/times to call back, any research questions.
On site small business service & support.
On Call small business service & support.



"Call Back" service
: We hold your hand and walk
you through, over the phone, fixing problems or remote login to your computer to do it for you, as appropriate for what the job calls for. This does not include any onsite support.
Warning: We can't call you back if you check "keep number private."

Note: the effective rate is $30 per hour. There is a $5 minimum billing amount.
We bill service in $5 increments. So it is possible to only spend $5, for up to 10 minutes.
Rate examples:

total charges
total charges
1-10 min
= $5
31-40 min
= $20
11-20 min
= $10
41-50 min
= $25
21-30 min
= $15
51-60 min
= $30

Send us a request online at here or click the phone above and tell me to call you back.
We'll call you back and charge $0.50 per minute for our call back phone assistance as well as for time spent researching and answering email. We do not accept incoming phone calls, which saves both of us money. We only call out.

1. Make an ticket request here.
    Tell us the besttimes & days to call back.
2. We call you back,
3. Tell us your problems,

We walk you through fixing them.


You're paying for the time, so you can ask for Techs to research general questions
for you on the spot. For example:
what's the time, temperature, weather forcast, how many miles is it from A to B, how long might it take to drive from A to B, what is the elevation of Nakatoa, or anything that he or she can research for you on the internet when you just need a quick answer.

II. Small Business "On Site" Service & Support Services:

When you have a computer crash and need it repaired, data saved, and back up running, call us. We'll come to you, work on your problems on an as needed basis. Our rate is $60 per hour.

If this sounds like a lot, imagine this situation:

A computer crashes. You pay an employee to take the computer to a repair shop. You pay the repair shop to fix the computer (common $60/hr) and re-install any needed software. You pay an employee to pick it up and set it up again in your office. And even if you didn't realize it, you paid the "oportunity cost" for the loss in business because you didn't have a needed computer for an unknown number of days. By this time, you've paid a lot! You might as well purchase a new computer and have it shipped to you.

With us you have the added benefit of actually seeing that we don't stand around drinking coffee and talking about baseball while your computer sits on a shelf. When our people come to work, they only get to go home when the job is done. So they are well motivated to stay focused on task.

III. Small Business "On Call" Subscription for On-Site Support Services:

Stop paying someone an annual full time salary to fix the occasional problem. Instead, let TechSelfHelp be "on call!" Actual emergencies are only likely to rarely. By only paying a fraction of an employees salary you can save big! Let us be "on call" for emergencies as well as available for more regular maintenance, repair, modification of your existing computer hardware and software, virus repair, crashes, and software updating.

If this describes your business, you should call us:

If you are a small business owner you probably use an accounting service to pay employees and process accounts. This is parallel to what we offer for computer repair & service. You can't afford to pay a full time accountant for only a fraction of a months work. So you contract with an accounting service which can allocate individual accountants to multiple small companies to completely fill their workload while only charging you a fraction of what it would cost you to hire someone full time.

We provide similar services for computer repair & maintenance for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. For example, if you're paying someone $2000 a month now, our $500 a month fee will cut your cost for these same services to one fourth. Large companies, universities, and hospitals, for example, have so many needs and computers it makes sense to pay someone full time, because their workload can always fill the individuals time. However for small businesses it is rarely the case that they can fill a professional computer and internet technician's time.

Priority commitments can be made by contract to dedicate tech's for your company 24 hours a day to ensure availabiltiy and response time. Simply email our help and describe the scale of your business needs.

On site services are not available everywhere, so send us an email and ask about your area!
We are currently available in Central Indiana.

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